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Do Serious Games Positively Impact Engagement Levels of Children with Disruptive Behaviour in Schools ?


Disruptive behaviour in schools has increased since 2013. It has been reported that 30% of lesson time is lost due to disruptive behaviour (Department of Education, 2012 p.3.). Serious games have been used in many industries and are proving to be helpful. Student of this current generation are know nas the “iGeneration” (Larry, 2010) as they have been brought up around technology and are comfortable with it and enjoy using it.


The use of serious games within lessons will improve student engagement levels and reduce disruptive behaviour. The investigation was undertaken at Slater Primary School, with a year five Mathematics class.

Analysis/ Development

To create a serious game that would engage, as well as educate the students. The games mathematical content and concept was created along side the year five educator, in order to get suitable material that developed deep learning and followed the national curriculum.


The investigation for this project was carried out twice on the same set of students to observe the students disruptive behaviour. In the first observation the students’ behaviour was observed whilst learning Maths in a traditional  manner. This was undertaken in term two. In the second observation the student where asked to learn the same Maths topic using the custom made serious game in term three and their behaviour was observed to see if their was change.


The results  in the case of  Slater Primary schools showed that serious game did help reduce the amount of disruptive behaviour. Statistics show  that student preferred learning via serious games to the normal traditional lessons. However, some student s did state in there questionnaire that they did enjoy learning via the traditional methods too. Please click the button below to view the game.


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This game was created for Green Hat students that have left school early, due to different circumstances that they have had to face. This game is quiz based which asks them a serious of questions to see if it can help them find the appropriate help and advice they need to seek. The application was developed in a group as a part of my university module, in which I managed the project and the design development and documentation. Each design phase of the project was discussed with the client (Green Hat) over two meetings, to ensure the UI and material within the game was appropriate and suited the needs of the students. Please click the button below to view the game.



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