From a very young age I have always enjoyed viewing, studying and remembering events that were captured through the camera lens. Every weekend as a family we would travel to my great uncle’s house, where my aunt had a collection of photo albums from black and white to colour which I would look through over and over again, never getting bored.  That’s when I realised that I had a great passion for photographs; it wasn’t until college that I pursued Graphics as a course where I was able to develop skills to be able to capture moments, memories and diverse photographs. Please see my photography work below.


Its kind of a dinosaur thing we have going on here. . .

Location: Natural History Museum, London


Fairy tales do come true. . .

Location: Museum of London, London


There is always light at the end of the tunnel. . . 

Location : Arc De Triomphe, Paris


Coffee anyone . . .

Location: St Martins Coffee House, Leicerstershire

I recently came across this coffee room on the far side of town called St Martins. Its the most chic vintage yet homely feeling cafe that I have come across. Not to forget the amazingly freshly ground coffee!



Lets explore London from up here. . . 

Location: London Eye, London

This photograph was captured during my recent visit to central London using my iPhone 4s. I truly believe that a good angle can make a photograph.



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