Learning about computers and fine art has always been my passion. When I started college I had the chance to put them both together. I was able to open a new avenue where I developed my Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills. During free lessons at college I would always find myself spending my time in the graphics suit, working on my course work to produce high quality work to achieve self-satisfaction and grades to reflect my work.  This passion to achieve the best pieces of work carried onto my course at university. Please take a moment to look through the work that I have produced. P.S please don’t mind the ‘Poonam Dalal’ that’s just for copy write reasons.



During a recently trip to London I captured this photograph of a traditional Red British telephone box. I have edited the photograph with a monochrome background, which really gives it that back in the day feel. In addition to this I have enhanced the colour of the Red telephone box. I have kept the typography very simple using a serif font style, which gives the poster that traditional British look. The thought process behind this piece was to create a poster that played on the photograph.

Virtual Reality Marketing Poster


During a module at university I created a game level, on the  trench of the first World War using Unreal engine 4 and Autodesk 3D Max. This poster was created to promote my work to my target audience which were gamers or people that wanted to experience what it was like during the war in the trenches. This poster was created using Photoshop, the photo that has been used in the background is is a glimpse of the game level, the smoke and rain effect has been created in Photoshop to give it the darker feel. A bold block font has been used to give that statement of the seriousness of WW1 trenches.

NTU Film-Making Society 


During my time at NTU I helped the Film-Making society to develop a logo for their newly found society. They wanted something fun, something that screamed we make movies and specified for it to have a camera or lens on it! So what better way to create a logo with that Hollywood feel to it. I used fonts similar to the ones that are used on promotional posters to give it that appeal. All the graphics were created using Photoshop shapes playing with styles and angles to achieve that camera or camera lens. All the logos that were created here were basic ideas and a foundation to developing a logo.

Catering Logo

Rebranded Logo

A logo is a very important aspect of any business, it is the first thing any client will see and remember! If your logo is effective and communicates what your company is about, clearly and simply, you have achieved your first step to promoting your business. I have applied this to my clients logo; stating their company name and what they do as a company below the name.

Asha caters have been in the hospitality business for over 15 years providing the finest pure Indian cuisine. To be able to communicate quality and elegance to potential customers, I have used a script based typographic which gives it that royal appeal!

My take on VOGUE


Since my college years I have always dreamed of working for a global magazine company like VOGUE. Therefore my project at college was to create my very own take on VOGUE’s front cover. The whole cover was created from scratch using my own photography and graphics.

Baby Shower Poster

baby shower

I recently created a poster for a baby shower. The specification was very broad which allowed me to use my creative skills, and initiative to develop as poster to suit the occasion. The idea for the poster was to keep it very fun and cute as that is what baby showers are about. The images (bottles, rattle and pacifier ) used in this poster have all been drawn by hand and scanned in.


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