Fine Art

I have been blessed to come from a family that has a great flare in fine art and creativity. Where other children would enjoy playing outside with their friends, I would choose to paint and go to after school art clubs bringing home new pieces of work to stick on the fridge.  This passion for fine art carried onto secondary school, which allowed me to create pieces of art that were displayed in an exhibition at ‘University of Leicester – Roots Exhibition’. In my spare time I enjoy painting using material like canvases, acrylic paints, watercolour paper, and watercolour paints. Below are a variety of pieces that I have created from secondary school to university.


Quote of the day


Lord Ganesha


This drawing was created using a standard A4 piece of paper and shading pencils as the media to allow all the shadowing to take place. As being Hindu myself I thoroughly enjoyed drawing Lord Ganesha, spending time to draw and designing the detailed mukut (crown).



This is a piece of art that I created whilst on my placement year, I was inspired by the culture and royalty of Rajasthan. Water paints and watercolour paper were used to be able to create the desert like effect.

Chuck close inspired ‘The Eye’


Okay so you probably guess the name of this piece is called the ‘The Eye’, I am ever very proud of this piece of work as it was placed in the Roots exhibition at Leicester University. I created this piece for my GSCEs art exam, two days of intense painting. This piece was created with acrylic paints on canvas; the colours that were used were all very neutral skin tones.

Tigers Eyes


I love to paint and draw different shaped eyes as every eye is different. This piece of work allowed me to explore different shapes and angles. I created this piece during my free time using water paints as acrylic paints were to think to get the effect that I was after. The first two eyes are inspirations of two celebrities.


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